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My name is Geoffrey, an electronic hobbyist, When I am not occupied , I love getting busy with soldering iron, PCB , breadboard , semiconductors etc etc etc . I met my lovely wife, Lucy at campus and you can get the other side of the story on her blog, Come on! Let’s face them; Real Life Issues


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  1. Grazyna Tomczak · · Reply

    Dear Sir,

    I’ would like to see how the Linux kernel ( the RPi) is communicating with the DS1307 RTC. Do you have a source of this part of software. I need to see how kernel is sending the init (what commands) and how the kenrel is requesting/setting a time (what bytes – commands). Do you have maybe this source to send my to my e-mail. I’m interesting only on communication between Linux kernel (I2C) and RTC DS1307.

    Thank you in advance
    Best Regards
    G. Tomczak

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