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Raspberry Pi Bare-metal Programming – SPI Interface

Bare-metal programming is a low-level method of programming that is specific to the hardware hence there is a need to understand how a hardware architecture works and what happens in the lowest levels of an operating system. Bare-metal programs run without OS beneath(e.g Linux Kernel) and  are OSes themselves for  you are forced to work directly with memory, […]


DS1307 with Linux Kernel on Bootup for Raspberry Pi

To keep the RPI cost at the minimum,  RPI designer did not include a hardware RTC and if you are like me who normally work offline most of the time, the RPI Kernel system will always default to mid-night of 01 Jan 1970 which is the epoch or Unix time start date after each power down. Once the […]

Cross Compiling Linux Kernel on Debian for Raspberry Pi

The ArchLinux  is a good starting point for a linux platform due to its simplicity. The system though does not have a gui and you might need to install one if you require. The linux kernel that came off with the archlinux image did not have a support for 12C or TWI and SPI interface which prompted […]

Raspberry Pi – shipping delay

Unfortunately folks at RS Components & Allied Electronics  are not going to ship out any soon, my raspberry + two cases that I ordered almost at the same time I did with Farnell. I was expecting the pi to be shipped in September, allowing 9-11 weeks they had stated the delivery to be made but its going […]

First Raspberry PI

Today I received my first Raspberry PI  that was shipped from Farnell UK warehouse. I was invited to place my order on 2-July(after several weeks since I registered my interest to buy one).  The RPI was shipped using Air Royal Mail on 26-July and the packaged just showed up in my Post office Box(I guess it must have been lying […]